Wing Dragon

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Its wings can control the wind! It's body is small but thanks to it big wings, it is able to intimidate its foes. When observed carefully, it looks as if it has eyes on its wings.

바람을 자유자재로 움직이게 할 수 있는 윙스! 성체는 작지만 거대한 날개는 다른 드래곤에게 위압감을 준다 멀리서 보면 날개에서 눈이 보이는 신비한 드래곤


Elemental 4

Maximum Status at 1 lv


Maximum Stats up at a level up



  • The egg can be found by exploring Wind Temple area or randomly by purchasing an wind egg through the egg shop.

Confirmed Egg CombinationEdit

Wind + Hydra + Water

Cards required for a CapsuleEdit