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The Beginning

The Beginning Edit

Dragons have become extinct due to the meteor fall 650 million years ago.  But some of them have survived the crash - Legendary dragons, with unique characteristics and 3 level transformations are waiting to be discovered!  Travel through various areas around the Yutakan peninsula to collect dragon eggs, items, and so much more!  

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Leona's Piece

Leona's Piece Edit

After the devastating war against Darknix and God dragon, peace has finally found it's way to the Yutakan Peninsula.  But it didn't last for long…  Evil G skull has come up with malicious schemes to bring chaos to the world. Now it's our job to travel to the mysterious deep sea temple in search of mythical items with great power that will guide us to victory.  Another great adventure awaits!!!


Sky Kingdom Season 3 Edit

Save the Sky Kingdom from Demon World Monsters and Battle the Shaman Minions and find out the power of spirits and a dragon forgotten by light and darkness

Dream World Season 4 Edit

Find the 3 dream guardians and 2 dragons the owner of Dawn and Dusk and Stop Crevice with your god dragon

Archa Season 5 Edit

Archa Ep1 Enterance of Archa Edit

Monsters have appeared in dream world and they are from world name archa and tamers and reseachers gather up to defeat monster that appear in archa

Archa Ep 2 Archa Edit

Make your way into archa and explore archa and also save your god dragon and fight with Rexton,Dragonslayer and 3 archa guardians and defeat Kades dragon agents

Archa Ep3 Archa Liberation Edit

Time to fight and take back Archa from kades and what secrets will be revaled?


Season 6 Edit