Mustard Hammer Dragon

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Maximum Status at 1 lv

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It can break rocks with its chin. Pretty quiet, and follows other dragons well.

턱근육이 굉장히 좋은 드래곤이다. 턱힘 하나로 바위도 으깰 수 있다. 성격은 온순하며, 다른 드래곤들을 잘 따른다.

| ELEMENT =Elemental 1 | STATS = 209/29/29 | LVUP = 10/3/2 }}


  • The egg can be bought by Traveling Merchant for 10 Indestructible Water Drops after 2500 happiness.

Confirmed Egg CombinationEdit

Only Available for get it from the above note.

Cards required for a CapsuleEdit