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As the name suggests, Lady dragons are only born as female dragons, It is very gentle in nature and is characterized by its bright pink color. It's eyes are very attractive.

특이하게도 암컷만 태어나는 드래곤. 핑크빛의 색상이 특징이며 매우 온순하다. 눈빛이 매력적이다.

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Element Elemental 4
Capsule Type HP & Defense
Breedable Yes
Lv. 1 status HP: 199 (Lv. per +9)
ATK: 29 (Lv. per +3)
DEF: 14 (Lv. per +2)
Lv. 40 status HP: 550
ATK: 146
DEF: 92


  • It can be found in Wind Temple or Sky Temple or from Random Wind Egg.

Combinations For Lady EggEdit

Cards Required For CapsuleEdit