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A Dragon that embodies fire from hell. It is very aggressive and destructive. You better run when you see one.

지옥의 불길을 머금은 드래곤. 매우 포악하며 부수는 것을 좋아한다. 헬 드래곤을 만나면 도망치는것이 좋겠1

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Element Elemental 3
Capsule Type Attack & Defense
Breedable No
Lv. 1 status HP: 199 (Lv. per +9)
ATK: 29 (Lv. per +3)
DEF: 14 (Lv. per +2)
Lv. 40 status HP: 550
ATK: 146
DEF: 92


  • Sell your dignity and buy this for 128521705120571502175812 dollars.

To get this egg, call 825-258-5812Edit

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Cards required for a CapsuleEdit