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God Dragon

  • Element= Light
  • Type= HD
  • Breedable= yes
  1. lv1hp=199
  2. lv1atk=19
  3. lv1def=14
  4. hpup=9
  5. atkup=3
  6. defup=2

English= Possessing godlike powers, the God Dragon is often seen near Dragon Temples. It is known to be a symbol of God. |

Korean= 용의 신전에 사는용, 신의 힘을 가지고 있는 용이라고 전해진다. 주로 하늘과 닿아있는 곳, 밝은 곳에서 주로 볼 수 있다. 사람들에게는 신의 대행자라고 주로 알려져 있다.



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  • Is close to Angel Dragon
  • Leader of the 4 Divine Dragons
  • Defeated Dark Nix
  • Can be found by exploring the sky temple
    • **You can change it to its ultimate form once you're at the storyline with Dungeon Two unlocked. You collect ''Persion Debris'' from exploring the dungeon's areas. Once you have 30 Debris, you can turn it into a Persion Piece. You need 30 Persion Pieces to make a Persion Crystal.
    • Father of God Jr.
    • Spouse of Angel Dragon.
  • It is the main dragon in both games, DV 1 and DV 2.

Confirmed Egg CombinationsEdit

  • Hell Dragon + Angel Dragon + Lady Dragon
  • Lady Dragon + Angel Dragon + Rock Dragon
  • Lady Dragon + Angel Dragon + Egg Dragon

Cards Required for CapsuleEdit