Fat Dragon

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Maximum Status at 1 lv

Maximum Stats up at a level up

| INFO =

It lives in hiding when its young due to its timid nature. However as it matures, it body becomes bigger than almost any other dragons. It looks really gentle but just remember, never steal its food.

새끼때는 겁이 많아서 숨어 지내지만 점점 어른이 되면서 몸이 커진다. 매우 온순하고 약해 보이지만 먹이를 뺏기면 포악해져서 무서워지는 드래곤

| ELEMENT =Elemental 1 | STATS = 199/29/14 | LVUP = 9/3/2 }}


  • The egg can be found by exploring Forest of Hope area or randomly by purchasing an earth egg through the egg shop.

Confirmed Egg CombinationEdit

Mini + Tail + Smart

Cards required for a CapsuleEdit