Egg Combinations are 3 eggs combined at the Egg Merge section of the Spirit Lodge. Eggs used in the process of combination disappear, but make a new egg. Egg combos can be hinted at sometimes by asking about the prophecy.

Disclaimer: (Please only add partial egg combinations rather than editing other partials. If you are adding a full combination, put it in Unverified Combinations(3-Egg) before if you haven't tested it. If you HAVE tested it, and it works, put it in Verified Combinations(3-Egg).)

Verified Combinations(3-Egg) Edit

  • Emerald+Chameleon+Chickenhead=Ligon
  • Rock+Six Legged+Wind=Power
  • Blade+Metal+Mummy=Hedgebat
  • Wing+Lava+Mini=Power
  • Wind+Rock+Six Legged=Power
  • Alien+Water+Spike=Rock
  • Alien+Spike+Six Legged=Egg
  • Mini+Tail+Smart=Fat
  • Blue+Insect+Mini=Leaf
  • Goldenfly+Hyena+Metal Magnet=Tiger
  • Ghost+Shark+Guardian=Golden Horn
  • Ghost+Golden Horn+Crescent=Tattoo
  • Phoenix+Lady+Egg=Frost
  • Egg+Frost+Lady=Tail
  • Lava+Insect+Wing=Water
  • Water+Six Legged+Fire=Fairy
  • Lava+Six Legged+Wind=Mini
  • Frost+Frog+Lava=Mini
  • Phoenix+Blue+Wing=Swamp
  • Lady+Wing+Frost=Frog
  • Water+Lightning+Phoenix=Fire
  • Hell+Spike+Blue=Lightning
  • Spike+Mini+Sand=Phoenix
  • Lady+Fire+Lightning=Hell
  • Mini+Lightning+Angel=Spike
  • Phoenix+Lava+Fairy=Insect
  • Golden Horn+Tiger+Metal Magnet=Goldenfly
  • Frost+Wing+Blue=Wind
  • Alien+Spike+Hell=Rock

Unverified Combinations(3-Egg) Edit

  • Ligon+Chickenhead+Kangarabbit=Chameleon
  • Hell+Rock+Lady=Lava
  • Guardian+Crescent+Rainbow=Shark
  • Alien+Light Metal Magnet+Light Ghost=iGon

Partial (2 eggs and an unknown egg) combinations: Edit

  • Lady+Fire+?= Wing