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In the era of Light and Darkness, Dark Nix was the protector of the world of darkness. Corrupt by the unknown fairy become the prime evil.

빛과 어둠의 시대, 신의 대행자로서 어둠의 세상을 수호하던 어둠의수호자.

These dragon doesn't have any Japanese information yet.

These dragon doesn't have any Chinese information yet.

Element Elemental 6
Capsule Type HP & Attack
Breedable Yes
Lv. 1 status HP: 179 (Lv. per +10)
ATK: 19 (Lv. per +4)
DEF: 19 (Lv. per +3)
Lv. 40 status HP: 569
ATK: 175
DEF: 136


  • Obtained:unknown
  • Rival of God Dragon
  • Hatched with Dark Incubator.
it from the above note.

Cards required for a Capsule FormEdit

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