Dark Frosty

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Lives in high altitude with very low temperature. Has feather around it's body. Lives alone not like Frosty Dragon.

고위도 추운지방에 분포, 추운지방에 서식해서 몸에 깃털이 둘러져 있다. 프로스티 드래곤과 달리 혼자 생활하는 습성이 있다.


Elemental 6

Maximum Status at 1 lv


Maximum Stats up at a level up



  • The egg can be found by specific egg combination and shared with Frosty.
  • This dragon is color variation of Frosty but quite different from that.

Confirmed Egg CombinationEdit

Black + White + Random Egg bought from Shop

Cards required for a CapsuleEdit