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Capsule form of God Dragon.

Capsule DragonsEdit

At level 35-40 normal dragons can be changed into Capsule Dragon Forms using Capsule items, Capsule Dragons have different stats between the two forms.

How to make a Capsule DragonEdit

Each Capsule items can be created by combining 3 dragon cards that are not identical to each other but of a same dragon (or a Joker card with 2 dragon cards) of each dragon through the Fortune Teller, once you've reached mid way through the first scenario. You use the item on a level 35 dragon to transform it to the capsule form.


Rating is a calculation based on highest status of dragon species. Basically, Each species's highest status is start on 7.0 Rating[1] and could be the less if the current status is getting down against the highest one.[2] So you'll lose the rating when the dragon has lv. up that isn't Triple Max. Also there's giving the random rating(no guaranteed to be 7.0 rating) during the hatching dragon egg.

6.5 or more = 109 HP 19 ATT 19 DEF

5.5 or up to under 6.5 = 102 HP 17 ATT 17 DEF

4.5 or up to under 5.5 = 95 HP 15 ATT 15 DEF

3.5 or up to under 4.5 = 88 HP 13 ATT 13 DEF

2.5 or up to under 3.5 = 81 HP 11 ATT 11 DEF

1.5 or up to under 2.5 = 74 HP 9 ATT 9 DEF

0.5 or up to under 1.5 = 67 HP 7 ATT 7 DEF

Under 0.5 = 60 HP 5 ATT 5 DEF

  1. Exceptionally, Dark Nix are start on 6.775 Raiting on it's highest status.
  2. Reduces 1 HP per 0.025, 1 ATT per 0.1, 1 DEF per 0.1



A Persion's Crystal.

The Awakening Capsules were added in the Leona updates, you must unater map and have a Persion's Crystal with a level 40 capsule hybrid species that is capable of awakening with an Awaken Capsule. The Awaken dragons are more powerful than normal capsule hybrids. However,any buff drink item cannot be used on them.

List of Capsule DragonEdit

ATT Types(5~9 HP,2~6 ATT,1~2 DEF per a level up)Edit

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List of ATT Types

ATT&DEF Types(5~9 HP,2~5 ATT,2~3 DEF per a level up)Edit

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List of ATT&DEF Types

DEF Types(5~9 HP,2~3 ATT,2~6 DEF per a levelup)Edit

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List of DEF Types

HP Types(10~20 HP,2~3 ATT,1~2 DEF per a level up)Edit

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List of HP Types

HP&ATT Types(9~13 HP,2~5 ATT,1~2 DEF per a level up)Edit

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List of HP&ATT Types

HP&DEF Types(9~13 HP,2~3 ATT,1~4)Edit

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List of HP&DEF Types

Dream Dragon Capusle Edit

You need all 3 dream cards to get Capluse

Perfect 7.0 Awaken Dragons Edit

If you want perfect 7.0 dragon you must have a 6.5 Capsule Dragon Lv35-40 and it alot of Level Downs and ups and you dont have level downs use data clear


  • The Capsule dragon can't use the Level Up item.
  • Every Capsule dragon's status is unified even though the dragons having different status from each other.
  • According to the Rating, The HP type is weakest type of Capsule type however those type now have increase 10% chance of defending.[1]
  • An item to level up for the Capsule Dragons is called Capsule Level Up