Blue Dragon

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According to the Asian myths, Blue dragons are known for gathering clouds and rains. Although once a serpent, it obtained the Cintamani to evolve in to a Blue Dragon. It knows most of the weather magics.

동양의 신화에 구름과 비를 몰고 다닌다고 전해지는 드래곤이다. 이무기가 여의주를 얻어 청룡이 되었다고 전해진다. 주로 날씨에 관련된 마법을 부릴 줄 안다.


Elemental 4

Maximum Status at 1 lv


Maximum Stats up at a level up



  • The egg can be found by exploring Wind Temple area or randomly by purchasing an wind egg through the egg shop.

Confirmed Egg CombinationEdit

Cards required for a CapsuleEdit