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Female counterpart of God Dragon. It has a very gentle personality. Legend has it that is has the power of the angels. It is fond of bright lights.

고대신룡의 암컷이다. 빛을 좋아하며 매우온화하다. 천사의 힘을 가지고 있다고 전해진다.

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Capsule Type HP & Defense
Breedable No
Lv. 1 status HP: 199 (Lv. per +9)
ATK: 29 (Lv. per +3)
DEF: 14 (Lv. per +2)
Lv. 40 status HP: 550
ATK: 146
DEF: 92


  • The egg can be found by exploring Rainbow area or randomly by purchasing a light egg through the egg shop.
  • It can also be found while exploring sky temple.
  • Mother of God Jr.
  • Spouse of God Dragon
  • In the Dragon Village Manga, this dragon challenged Kangarabbit Dragon to a weaving match and lost.

Confirmed Egg CombinationEdit

Cards required for a CapsuleEdit